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Great Purchases

Some Products that Proved to be Worth Every Penny...

Below are some Purchases I have been very pleased with. I would also like to reccomend pruchasing used items. I have bought used paddock boots, tall boots, and a saddle and they have been great investments. If your local tack shop offers conginment items, it's an ideal choice. 

Saddle Pads-

Rider's International Cotton Quilted Saddle Pad- Perfect square pad for schooling, not to thin, not too thick. Super cheap, holds up well and offered in a variety of colors. Dover Saddlery exclusive.

Rider's International Cotton Qulited Saddle Pad with Piping- same as above, but looks fancier and is a bit more expensive

Thinline Pads- Relieve pressure on horses backs; miracle products!

Mattes Saddle Pads- High quality pads well worth the money; EXTREMELY durable. Several styes and custom options available.

Medallion Pads- fit well, comfortable and easily cleaned


Collegiate Saddles- well made, durable and adjustable, long lasting (many models offered in brown and black) cheaper than some bigger name brands but high quality (Dressage, All-Purpose, and Close Contact Models)

Beval Saddles- relatively low prices considering the high quality of their products

CWD Saddles- high end saddles, offer latest technology, customization 

Voltaire Saddles- customization, high-end saddles, stand out in the show ring

Crosby- low priced, often fit hard to fit horses

Devoucoux- French high end saddles, customization, beautiful in the show ring

Luc Childeric- french high end saddles, beautiful in the show ring

Antares- french high end, beautiful in the show ring, easier to acquire than some other high end brands (can be purchased online through vendors like SmartPak)

Bridles & Parts/Martingales

Plymouth Padded Fancy Stitch Bridle- Good for schooling and showing, comfortable for the horse and soft right out of the box at a budget friendly price. SmartPak exclusive. 

Marcel Toulouse Platinum Standing Martigale- Soft dark brown leather, fancy stitched, and durable (I recommend the brand as a whole as well)


Equalizer Comfort Girth- Durable synthetic fleece girth at a low price- can easily be washed back to perfection after several uses. Offered for cheap at a variety of sizes. 

Professional's Choice SMx English Girth- helps saddle STAY PUT. Doesn't absorb sweat and doesn't allow bacteria growth


Happy Mouth Bits*- excellent for green horses and great first bit. Horses love the apple flavor!

*There was a recall on certain models of Happy Mouth bits. It is unlikely you will come across the recalled bits because many many tack vendors did not carry the products prior to the recall. Click Here to view the recalled models.


Basic Breakaway Crown Halter with Snap- Nylon and leather breakaway halter, cheap and durable offered in a variety of sizes and colors.

Gatsby Leather Halters- Cheaply priced yet durable basic leather halters, good quality for price point

Perri's Halters- From beautiful leather halters, to fun ribbon trimmed halters, these proucts are a fantastic buy


Weatherbeeta Blankets- budget friendly blankets, durable and colorful

SmartPak Blankets- well designed and durable. Ultimate blankets are backed by a 10-year indestructible guarantee

Rider Apparel/Accessories 

Riding Sport Competitor II Knee Patch Breeches- Quality exceeds price, often mistaken for higher brands like Taliored Sportsman, offered in a variety of sizes and two different colors (also available in Full Seat)

Dublin Easy Care Half Chaps- Suede chaps perfect for schooling, durable and easilly cleaned 

Ovation Zocks- Perfect thin boot socks that come in lots of fun patterns and colors. 

Ovation Helmets- Low profile schooling and show helmets, well ventilated and great for oval heads- no mushroom head! 

Tipperary Helmets- Strong, tough helmets, carbon fiber is practically indestructable! Good airflow, best for square/round shaped heads

Ariat Boots- Well made and durable, as well as fashionable 

Tory Leather Belts- Decently priced belts in a variety of syles and sizes. Comfortable and durable.

Perri's Leather Bracelets- wonderful keepsake for any equestrian, beautifully made and durable, fits a variety of wrist sizes.

SSG Hybrid Gloves- lightweight, fashionable, and grippy

SSG Pro Show Winter Leather Riding Gloves- keep your hands warm, durable, grippy, easy to clean, attractive for showing in cold weather

Grooming Supplies/Fly Sprays**

Cowboy Magic Products- They really are magic! Fabulous product- works well and has a pleasant smell

Roma Deluxe Grooming Tote- Has space for all your grooming needs! Easy to keep everything organized and in one place

Mane n' Tail Products- smell nice and work well, Detangler is amazing! Shampoos and Conditioners work for people too and can usually be found at your local grocery store or pharmacy

Roma 7- Piece Grooming Kit- includes all basic grooming needs for a low price, all in a carrying backpack

UltraSheild Ex Fly Spray- Heavy duty repellent/insecticide that is lemon scented, and has coat conditioner and sunscreen in it

Tri Tech 14 Fly Spray- Keeps the horse flies away! Minimal smell, very effective

Jelly Scrubber- useful for bathing, and as a curry comb for a sensitive horse. The fine side of the scrubber can be used on the horse's legs and face

Eqyss MicroTek- works wonders on rain rot and other skin concerns, pleasant smell

**I have found that fly sprays have varrying degrees of effectiveness on different horses, much like how the same perfume can smell different on different people. It is important to find the fly spray that works for YOUR horse to get the maximum result


Horse Nibbles Treats- Great grain/molasses treats. My horse loves them more than anything else!

Horseman's One Step- Amazing leather cleaner and conditioner, good for a quick clean!

Practical Horseman Magazine- "Expert how-to for English Riders" Lots of wonderful informative articles, and a monthly jumping clinic written by legend George Morris himself!

Murphy's Oil Soap- Made to clean a variety of sufaces including wood, but I have found this soap works wonders on leather boots

Lexol Leather Cleaner Quick Wipes- good for the everyday rub down, convenient and practical

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