Reviews of popular online vendors  and more!

Vendor Reviews (in Alphabetical order)

Below are reviews of a few online tack vendors that mainly serve the U.S. (some listed also ship to Canada and worldwide)

***I also advise checking out your local tack shop. It's important to keep local businesses going!***

Overview: A large vendor based out of Maine


-Price Match Guarantee ensures low prices

-Free Shipping on orders over $100

-Gift Wrapping available

-English and Western Products

-Site is easy to Navigate

-Easy acess to Customer Service

-Reviews for each product

-Stock Quality Brands

-Drawings for gift certificates to those who write reviews

-Wishlist Accounts Available

-Price Match Guarantee 

-offers pet supplies

-sells consignment and used saddles

-Has Facebook Page

-exceptions for certain parts of the return policy around Christmas time


-Graphics on the site are not the best

-Not a lot of detail in product pictures

-Buyer must pay return shipping unless they pre-order a return label

My Opinion: I have yet to order from Adams, but they seem to have a sound return policy and variety of products

Overview: This vendor not only offers basic english tack, but racing tack (standardbred or thoroughbred) as well.


-Site is easy to navigate

-good deals

-offers tack (such as racing tack and driving tack) not typically sold from other vendors

-Free shipping on many items, and all orders over $70. Ground Shipping for all other orders is $6.50

-Live Chat with customer service available

-offers pet supplies as well

-Product reviews displayed below each item

-Offers a Blog and a Facebook Page


-If you must return an item, you have to pay return shipping

-Minimum delivery charges on oversize items is $120

My Opinion: I have yet to order from Big Dee's, so I don't know if it is easy to track orders or if the quality of their items is sound. They do seem to offer a lot of great deals and shipping is cheap.

Overview: Carousel Horse is a small vendor, but my purchases with them have been sucessful

-Fair Prices, free shipping on some items
-Good Customer Service
-Site is easy to Navigate
-Fast shipping
-Sells Consignment items as well
-Features reviews and ratings for each item
-Small vendor, not a lot of product variety
-Not the most clear product pictures

My opinion: I ordered a blanket from them because they were the only vendor hadn't sold out of the one I was looking for. They had great service (I expressed a concern about their return policy in a review, and they immediately responded!) I just wish they had more products.

Overview: The name of the vendor is accurate- Chick's offers many items for incredibly low prices. Chicks is based out of Delaware


-CHEAPLY PRICED products. If you don't want to break your bank, check out Chick's

-Shipping arrives on time

-A lot of quality items are stocked at Chick's for bargain prices

-Chicks offers a lot of brightly colored items such as halters and leads, saddle pads, and blankets

-Site is easy to navigate

-Frequent sales on already cheap prices

-offers Western, Australian, and English tack

-Ships internationally

-Offers a Facebook Page, a Twitter, and Pintrest


-For some items, key product details (such as brand names) are left out of the description

-There are no product reviews on the site, so it can be a gamble when trying to order a quality item for their low prices

-Not all items are good quality

-Shipping is not the cheapest (price of shipping increased as the order total increases)

-Returns can be difficult

My Opinion: I always use caution when ordering from them due to the variety in quality, but Chick's offers the lowest prices.

Overview: Dover Saddlery is a tack vendor with A LOT of product variety, and have many stores located across the United States. In my experience, this seems to be the most popular choice for equestrians.


-Dover sends catalouges with coupons frequently, offering many good deals and also has a twelve days of Christmas deal around the holidays, where a few items are featured per day for extra low prices

-There is a lot of price variety in their products to fit any budget

-The site is easy to navigate

-Product reviews are listed below each product

-Dover has many popular exclusive brands at good prices (ex. Rider's International, Crown, Suffolk, Circuit...)

-Frequent Tent Sales at Store Locations

-Top Notch Brands sold at Dover

-100% Satisfaction Guarantee

-limited deals available for "almost perfect", slightly blemished, and used saddles

-offers a Test Ride program for Saddles

-Has a Blog to keep Customers Updated, as well as a Facebook Page, Youtube Channel, Twitter, and Pintrest

-Offers an Equestrian Library of resources for you and your horse

-Offers a Dover Visa Card


-Shipping is not the best. I have had mostly good experiences, but it is not 100% reliable. The site does not allow you to look through your previous purchaces on your account, and shipping rates go up for expensive orders. Ordering back-ordered items from them can be a gamble. I have also heard complaints from others of recieving items in the mail that were not what they had orders (ex. someone ordered a breastplate but recieved a bridle, another person states they ordered a saddle, and got a different brand than the one they ordered)

-Dover does offer a lot of cheap products, and not all of the items I have purchased from them have been quality

-Product pictures can be innacurate, and coloration can be off

-Some of Dover's high quality items are labeled as "Premier Products" and are excluded from all coupons or discounts

My Opinion: Dover is GREAT for price variety, and it is one of my top choices when ordering. I use their coupons whenever possible. When I have visited their stores, the staff have been helpful and friendly- I much prefer the stores to their online site.

Overview: This site has A TON of products- A TON.


-Lots of product/price variety

-frequently offers deals on quality products

-Some Detailed Product Photos

-offers lots of clearance warehouse items

-Has a Facebook Page, Twitter, Pintrest, YouTube Channel, and Google+


-Site can be difficult to Navigate, many of the same item is listed multiple times and very scattered (chaotic)

-Difficult to post ratings/reviews

-There is an issue on the website when looking through products on how to list search results (as in popularity, by price etc.)

My opinion: I have yet to actually order anything from them, but a woman at my barn has had sucess with them before. I consider it whenever looking for items. I sometimes have trouble looking through their site due to the extremely high volume of products.

Pelham Saddlery

Overview: This is a small tack shop based out of New Hampshire, in operation since 1983


-Free shipping on all orders (except saddles) over $85

-Offers many new and used saddles

-Seven Day Test Ride Program for saddles (even used saddles)

-Offers Cosignments and Trade-ins

-Offers a YouTube Channel with videos that show every detail of used saddles for sale

-Has a Facebook Page

-Offers items for Pets other than horses


-Not too much product variety, as this is a small independent vendor

-Mainly sells saddles, not too many other products for order

My Opinion: I have never ordered from Pelham before, but it seems like an excellent choice for someone shopping for a quality used saddle

Overview: SmartPak is primarily a supplements company, but they offer an expansive selection of tack and apparel. It is now the Largest Online Equine Retailer



-Excellent customer service

-Fast and Reliable shipping

-Three ways to ship free

-Offer SmartPaks, an easy way to manage your horses supplements, as well as a wide range of their own brand of supplements

-100% Happiness Guarantee

-Free Return Shipping on all sized items

-When you recommend SmartPak to a friend, they get 10% their first order and you get a $10 coupon.

-Offer Exclusive brands that are high quality and decently priced

-Easy to track orders through your account. Your account page allows you to view all purchases by date, as well as manage your horse's supplements.

-Website graphics are excellent and updated frequently

-Has a Facebook page,  twitter, blog, and forum

-YouTube Account has helpful how-to's, reviews, profiles of some of the "SmartPakers" and more!

-SmartPak is partnered with AQHA, USDF, USEA, USEF, and USHJA. Members of these organizations are eligible for discounts

-SmartPak Blog App is free and helpful

-Frequently offers new items

-Offers the "easiest contest ever". Sign up to receive e-mails, and with every e-mail you'll be entered in a drawing to win a $50 discount on your next order

-SmartPak's Ultimate Turnout Blanket has a 10-year indestructible guarantee

-Happy and fun employee environment

-Send out tip catalogues about four time a year full of tips on taking care of your horse

-offer products for dogs, as well as smartpaks for dogs


-SmartPak does not offer dirt cheap items because they put quality before price

-It does not offer many coupons

-SmartPak has a narrow selection of Western Tack, and does not sell western saddles


My Opinion: Smartpak is my favorite. I have never had an issue with shipping, and customer service goes above and beyond. They sell high quality products and I love their exclusive brands.

Overview: offers a selection of tack and some good deals


-offers saddle financing, allowing you to "lease" a saddle to fit your budget better

-offers many well made exclusive brands

-Offers a Frequent Buyer Program

-offers English and Western tack

-Free Shipping on orders over $100

-Flat rate shipping is only $7.95

-Site is easy to Navigate

-Offers Arabian equipment and Saddleseat Tack

-easy to track orders

-Reviews listed below each item in which reviewers can write "pros" and "cons" about the product

-Offers a YouTube Channel with tutorials and Reviews, as well as a blog, Twitter, Pintrest, and Facebook Page


-Buyer must pay return shipping

-Not a lot of variety in some catgories such as apparel

My Opinion: I have not personally ordered from Schneiders, but I know many people who prefer it to most other online vendors.

Overview: Stateline offers a lot of good deals and cheap shipping rates.


-Site is easy to navigate

-Offers low prices and good deals

-Reviews displayed below items

-English and Western Tack, as well as some limited Saddleseat tack

-Offers an Auto Ship Program

-Easy to track orders

-Has a Facebook Page, Twitter, and Pintrest


-Product pictures and coloration are not always accurate

-Many poor quality items stocked (a lot of cheap saddles/saddle packages are sold, and the cheap quality can be dangerous)

-There is not a tremendous amount of product variety

-Shipping is not the fastest (Click here for extensive information on Stateline's shipping)

My Opinion: I love the fact shipping is so cheap, but I haven't had the most success with some of my purchases.


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